June 19, 2013

9/11 Heroes Run 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk

Sunday, Sep. 15th 2013 at 1pm

Fonthill Museum, Doylestown, PA

The 9/11 Heroes Run 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk welcomes runners and walkers of all levels and of all ages. Events take place all over the world. The Doylestown Heroes Run is the perfect opportunity for your community to personally come out and thank your local first responders, military and veterans in an annual, fun and family friendly environment. You are all welcome and encouraged to form your own teams, set up a tent in tent row, wear team colors and be creative!

Please join us at the 9/11 Heroes Run on 9/15/13

I see Gold Star Families crying, their pride can't ease the pain.

The sun is now rising over the horizon; a new day has begun.

One that will be filled with promise as you and I begin to run.

I'll run with you my fallen comrades with others from all around.

To HONOR and REMEMBER your sacrifice was so profound.

It's a long journey, yet there will be a tribute in every stride.

For you will be my inspiration as your spirit runs by my side.

Traveling down the Tribute Trail I can hear your family's cheers.

They're for you my fallen comrades and so are all their tears.

Passing by a grateful nation, I see their pride begin to swell.

Reaffirming my belief the American Spirit is alive and well.

Farewell my fallen comrades, you were beside me from the start.

Your memories are in my thoughts, your sacrifice in my heart.

I'm humbled by your presence and honored to be here too.

Next year I'll be back in Doylestown to run again with you.

We hope you all have a wonderful summer!