Red Devil Reflections

December 10

Senior Chief

Senior Chief was hospitalized yesterday for a blood clot. He is currently at DeKalb Medical. We will have a banner for staff to share their best wishes later Friday morning. Please keep him in your thoughts and/or prayers.

SLO Inservice

Don't forget to complete the tasks of the SLO Inservice (deadline is Friday). Here are the steps:

1. Complete the online training modules

  • Go the following URL to log in:
  • Your username is your Active Directory login or enumber (e.g. e12346578).
  • Your default password is Dekalb01.
    • You'll be prompted to change the password at login.

2. Watch the SLO Inservice video (new link that doesn't require request for access), go online and keep pace with the training session as they review who to administer the sample pre-assessment.

3. The attached documents (see 12/4 email) will provide for additional tips on facilitating a successful SLO assessment administration and screenshots.

4. Sign off on completion (Main Office)

From Ms. Austin - Hep our substitutes

If you anticipate being out (with prior approval) ANY day next week, please place the absence in SubFinder to ensure that a sub will pick up the job.

Payroll cutoff has been pushed up for:

Due this Friday: time from 11/30/15 - 12/15/15)

Due next Tuesday: time from 12/16/15- 12/31/15)

So, in essence, we are having to anticipate absences, get the absence entered AND get the sub information entered. This will have a major impact on whether or not a sub will keyed paid on time.

Next Week -- SLO Administration

Don't forget that we will be administering SLO post-assessments Monday-Wednesday. The computer labs will be booked up - please contact Mr. Alexander if you are trying to squeeze into a lab.

Senior Exemption

We apologize that some of you did not receive the Senior Exemption and Final Exam schedule Dr. Jackson sent earlier. We will be on Regular bell schedule, with 1st and 3rd period exams on Thursday and 2nd and 4th on Friday.

From Mr. Ingram - Passes

First and foremost, thank you all for your efforts with testing in your various capacities.

At this time, please keep in mind that we want to work with our students in every way possible, but we must always remember to more importantly hold them accountable for actions and behaviors. If a student is late to a class, please do not write a pass for them that would allow them to side-step consequences for another teacher or Tardy Table. Doing so undermines the ability of every teacher in the building to hold their students accountable for arriving to class on time. As we move into our final week of the semester please adhere to our attendance policy and respect the expectations set by teachers in their classrooms.

Note: If a student is finishing a test/quiz, project, or perhaps you needed to address that student are all acceptable reasons why he or she would be given an excused pass to class from you.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Outlook Groups

There are two DHHS Outlook groups that regularly provide information on all things Druid Hills (I've included the group creator in case you have any questions about group access):

  • DHHS Teachers (Jackson)
  • DHHS Faculty & Staff (Joyner)

Please subscribe to the group:

  • In the Groups section, click on the name of the group
  • At the top, click on Subscribe

Tuesday's Pink-Out Basketball Game

Please come out and support our Red Devils Tuesday as we host Stephenson (5:30/7:00pm). We are asking everyone to wear pink in support of our Red Devil staff members currently impacted by cancer. T-shirts (proceeds benefiting Ms. Roode) are also available in the Main Office (requested donation $10).

Cookie Day

We hope you enjoyed Cookie Day. Please feel free to share your appreciation with the PTSA.