Zak Ebrahim


  • He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Zak is the son of an important terrorist.
  • He had to move from city to city trying to hide from people who knew who his father was.
  • Zak wrote a book about life as the son of a terrorist.
  • He now speaks out against terrorism.


"The fact that my father went to prison for an unfathomable crime when I was seven just about ruined my life. But it also my made my life possible. He could not fill me with hate from jail. And, more than that, he could not stop me from coming in contact with the sorts of people he demonized and discovering that they were human beings— people I could care about and who could care about me. Bigotry cannot survive experience. My body rejected it."


Zak grew up with his dad being a terrorist. His dad El-Sayyid Nosiar would tell him how bad some people were. But when Zak was seven his dad shot the leader of the Jewish Defense League and was sent to jail. While in jail his dad helped plan the attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. Osama Bin Laden even mentioned his name in one of his video messages. In that video he said "Remember El-Sayyid Nosiar." Because of that his family would move because people hated his father. Though because his dad was in jail for most of his life, he didn't get to teach him about terrorism. He chose to be peaceful with others unlike his father. When Zak grew up he began to realize how bad all the things his dad did. He wondered why he thinks that about those people when Zak got along with them just fine.