Obsession Method Review: MUST READ!

Does Kate Spring's "Obsession Method" Actually Work???

I recently came across a new dating advice guide called “The Obsession Method“ from a young female dating and attraction coach named Kate Spring that has been creating a lot of buzz in the men’s dating advice community online.

This is a review - Click Here to visit the official Obsession Method Website

If you are a single guy on the dating scene then you may have already discovered that attracting the kind of women you want in your life may be easier said than done. In fact, for many men, the prospect of finding a truly great partner for a fulfilling relationship can seem like nothing more than a pipe dream…

Whether you are a recently divorced dude, or a young fellow with limited experience, many guys these days are finding that its tough out there! Apps like Tinder give women seemingly endless dating options, and for guys forced to go on long stretches without female companionship, the situation can become quite frustrating - something I know all about first hand!

This being the case - a number of Kate’s clients are raving about her methods for attracting women, even going so far as to say that her new Obsession Method program has enabled them to get women literally OBSESSING over them at will. *

So I decided to review the program myself, and this is what I discovered…

Basic Information On The Obsession Method:

When it comes to dating advice guides, there are quite a lot of garbage programs out there, and a ton of over-hyped methods that simply don't work in practice.

A lot of these products are based on outdated concepts, and the strategies they teach are in my opinion downright childish!

But - Kate’s new Obsession Method is indeed something rather different. It's a system based on some of the newest psychological and behavioral research from Harvard University among other respected institutions. I had heard of Kate Spring, and her reputation as a rising star in the dating and relationship advice world but I wasn’t clear on exactly what she was teaching…

Her new program is available in a digital format only - meaning that there is no hardcopy, no book CDs or DVDs or anything like that. Instead, you get access to it online via a secure members area on her website... The Obsession Method includes a PDF eBook as well as a complete video training course.

The Obsession Method - How It Works:

The basic goal behind Kate’s Obsession Method is to teach you what Kate calls a “secret language” that you can use to make women feel attraction, and even potentially fall in love with you…

One of the most appealing aspects of the system is that this secret language is that it can be used by even average-looking guys, broke guys, overweight guys etc… To even the playing field. In fact, according to Kate knowing how to speak this “encrypted” language can actually give you a huge advantage over good looking or wealthy men who you might think would seem like the more “logical” choice for a woman to want to be with.

Much of Kate’s system focuses on the use of proven body language techniques discovered by Harvard psychologists, that make up a “secret language” only the female brain can interpret.

The idea is that there are specific body language signals you can use that are so powerful that they can get a woman quickly and powerfully attracted to even if you aren’t the type of guy she normally dates, or even if she already has a boyfriend (although this is not something I’d recommend following up on for ethical reasons)

The body language techniques revealed in Kate’s program go far beyond anything I’ve seen written previously on this subject, and the program also includes a ton of other non-body language related material. That’s actually one of the biggest benefits to this program - It really covers just about everything a guy needs to know about, from how to meet single women, to texting, to communication and so forth, it’s extremely comprehensive!

Kate Spring's "Obsession Method" - Everything You Get:

The Obsession Method eBook and video trying course include numerous specific tactics and methods including when and how to make a move, when to ask her out, when to go for the kiss, and so forth; a special story to make her feel a deep, subconscious desire for you; Kate’s “Direction Approach” to get a woman instantly interested in you from the first moment that you meet; her method for keeping a woman committed to the point where she starts dreaming about marrying you; 3 types of text messages you can use to get her excited and begging you to meet with her; and many more.

The course also comes with 3 bonus trainings on how to get women to approach you, sexting, and creating “conversational attraction”.

Obsession Method Creator Kate Spring

Obsession Method Pros & Cons:

PRO - Very Complete System. This system covers just about everything that a single guy might need info on. Kate doesn’t leave anything out and goes into a lot of detail. It’s also very well laid out and easy to follow.

PRO - Tested & Proven Methods. Sometimes in the past I’ve read dating guides and wondered to myself if the author has ever actually spoken to a woman in real life. Seriously, some of the content out there appears to be written by social outcasts who never leave their mothers’ basements! Kate’s material on the other hand not only makes a lot of sense, and has so very powerful testimonials, but it as also based on real psychological studies and research, that support her methodologies.

PRO - Very Natural System. One of the best things about the Obsession Method is how natural the techniques are. There is nothing weird or creepy. It’s just all about making subtle changes to the way that you carry yourself that can make you much more attractive to women and trigger their desire for you.

CON - No Hard Copy. Personally I like actual BOOKS, that I can read and hold in my hand, highlight and so forth. Maybe I’m just old fashioned?

That said the benefit to this being a digital product is that you get access right away so you don’t need to wait for them to ship it to you. Also since there’s no hard copy you won’t need to worry about leaving it lying around and having the women you bring home ask you about it!

Overall I think that this is an excellent resource that will undoubtedly help a ton of guys to greatly improve their success with women and dating. So if you are a single guy looking to get a great girlfriend or just date more attractive women and have better relationships then I highly recommend checking it out now!