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Year 2015

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Deployment Automation using Puppet

Source is available at Github
  • Jiva application including Zope, Zeo, memcached, mongodb, sentinel, rabbitmq, JTS
  • ETL5 including python workers, WSO2 API manager, WSO2 ESB
  • Medispan DB and DI server
  • Jiva application DB and DB replication
  • JCT DB and application
  • HLI DB and server
  • PrinceXML and PDF server
  • SSRS
  • ReportsFramework
  • PMML & Openscoring

Automation support to other teams


  • Jiva build automation hook with Git clone - POC done
  • Integrate karmic to create issue from email - POC done
  • Code search tool: search code pattern across all branches of jiva repos - Opengrok POC is done. installing in newly obtained server.
  • Zoogle: Meta search engine for zeomega to search content from karmic, zeconnect, Zetracker etc. can be extended to any database source - POC yet to be done
  • Implement WSO2 Identity server for ETL5
  • Consolidate repository management :


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DevOps is the bridge between Engineering, QA and operations. Focusing on creating a continuous and standardized environment starting with the developers, weaving through the testers, and ending with the deployment.