valencia Blair

What is it

Volleyball is a team sport which their are 6 players on each side of a net. Teams try to score points by getting the ball to hit the floor in the other side without the team touching it.


Players may travel well outside the court to play a ball that has gone over a sideline or end-line in the air. This may can confuse the other teams blocking players, the setter can jump and dump or can set to one of the hitters. the team can touch the ball up to three times but the ball had to be touched by three different people and not multiple times.


There are a large number of other errors in the rules. Most of them are small mistakes. The rule changes depending on high school or Jr high players. Each position can have specific rules or everyone on the court overall. For example none of the players can have any body part under the net.


Volleyball was added to school and college physical education and intramural programs. Long-tenured coaches can build up a sports program that becomes so successful its players bask in national prominence year after year. People who follow the program are usually in it or keep up with it and have pretty great players.
2014 31 Oct Penn State vs Ohio State Women's Volleyball