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Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year!

Greetings friends! We are beginning our second year of Blended Learning and it's exciting to see how Milan staff and students have grown. The students are engaged in learning in a new and exciting way. The transition to a 1-to-1 learning adventure is going well. For our new staff, I want to briefly give a timeline of Milan Community School Corporation's journey. For the last three years MCSC has structured professional development around the effective integration of technology. Teachers have received training on a variety of topics including Google Apps for Education, Pivot, Website creation, and classroom assessment tools. Also, teachers were given the opportunity to attend free online classes focused on using technology in the classroom and weekly after school professional development sessions during the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 school years. During the summer of 2014, ten summer drop in sessions for technology training were offered to staff members. Chromebook carts were made available to all Middle and High School classrooms to check out during the second semester of the 2013-2014 school year. Teachers were given individual Chromebooks to familiarize themselves prior to students use and the opportunity to check them out during the 2014 summer for professional use. MCSC also strengthened its wireless infrastructure in order to accommodate a 1:1 program. Link to Osgood Journal article showcasing teacher training.
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Last school year, Milan was awarded a $100,000 grant to continue our blended learning focus. This summer staff was given the opportunity to attend and receive a stipend for attending Summer of Elearning Conferences and professional development opportunities at Milan. We had a great turn out of staff support in making this initiative successful. This school year we continued to bring technology into the hands of students at Milan by making Milan Elementary a 1-1 blending learning environment. All students in grades 3-5 have a Chromebook. Students in grades 1 and 2 have individual iPad minis. Lastly, each Kindergarten class has a class set of iPad 2's. Milan is becoming known for their successes. Last year, we received accolades for being the highest growth school academically and as a corporation receiving an A rating. We are not only well known for our academic successes, but our technology practices are being emulated by our surrounding districts. To our new staff members, welcome to Milan, you have come at a great time to help be a Difference Maker. To the current staff family, keep up the tremendous work you have achieved. It's evident that there is pride in being a part of the Milan family. Milan schools are truly a place filled with Difference Makers. Great teachers never forget that it is people, not programs, that determine the quality of a school. Be a Difference Maker.
Milan Community Schools Evolving With Technology

Techie Tuesday for Google Certification

Milan is a GAFE, Google for Education School. As part of our approach to ensuring we are giving our students the best opportunities. We are creating a cohort of teachers that are determined to become Google Apps experts. This cohort will meet twice a month to learn about Google Apps and then ultimately take the Google Certification tests. My idea is to have a group at the Elementary and one at the Middle/High School. Tentatively the elementary would meet the first and third Tuesday after school and the Middle/ High School would meet the second and fourth Tuesday. (I'd like to survey those that are participating to come up with the best schedule for us to meet) If you are interested in committing to being a part of this group, please click on the link below to sign up. I have also included a link to the Google training site. We already have quite a few teachers that signed up last year expressing interest in getting their certification.



upcoming online training opportunities from five star

MCSC continues to support teachers by purchasing online technology courses for Milan staff members to take free of charge. For each completed course, you not only gain knowledge to better engage student learning using technology, but you also earn up to 40 PGP's. As a corporation, we have had over 30 staff members take courses. I would like to invite all new staff members to take their first course and remind existing staff members to continue to expand your learning by taking advantage of these opportunities. The courses are all online. You will have the opportunity to participate in groups from all over the state and expand your professional learning community to beyond the walls of Milan. The link to sign is below. Please contact me if you have any questions. brandy.hicks@milan.k12.in.us



(Click here) and go to the Elearning classes link.

Select the Introduction to Online and Blended Learning

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High School Tech Tribe: A Reliable Resource for You

Take a look at our Tech Tribe. Last school year we had our first student led Tech Tribe. This year we are continuing to grow that program. These students learn about technology in a blended learning environment. Last year our focus was for the students to learn how to trouble shoot computers, create how to videos, and become Chromebook literate. This year we are going to expand those goals to include digital citizenship, website creation, and vlogging. For those new to MCSC, here's some of the things we've done to prepare. This program has been a three year process. The first year was the planning and training stage. Last school year was the implementation of the program. The students manned a help desk, supported teachers and students, learned Google tools, and video creation. They also attended a state conference for Student Digital Leaders and represented Milan virtually by being doing a webcast for the DOE on what makes a successful student tech team. This year the students goal is to create a help desk Website for each school. They would like to create a Vlog where they upload videos giving tech tips and support. Our school has also been chosen to take over the DOE's Instagram ,#INelearn, for a week in October. Milan is creating a positive environment for the Digital Leaders of tomorrow. They will be Difference Makers!

The members are:

Clayde Ascherman

Jordan Bradley

Mackenzie Derico

Kayla Jarrett

Mitch Ketcham

Amber Bouck

Elizabeth Reckers

Elizabeth Sutherlin

Haley Schwipps

Melissa Lonneman

Alex Volz

Daniel Wilson

Abigail Riehle

Bradly Wickersham

Chase Roberts

Evan Smith

Jacob Wickersham

Rebecca Moore

Jarrod Nichols

These students are scheduled to during all seven periods this year with at least one of them available per period. They will be assisting with the student Fsticket. This year students will create Fstickets the same that staff members do. When a student has a Chromebook issues, instead of sending them out of the class. The students will fill out an Fsticket. Then a tech tribe member will come to the classroom to assist them. If they can't fix the issue, they will provide a loaner Chromebook to the student. This will ensure that student learning is not disrupted by leaving classrooms.

Middle School Teachers show their prowess on the court and with technology using Animoto.