Playing soccer since I was 4

All about me

my name is Katie and I'm years old. I have a brother named Matthew and a sister named Sarah. I love to play soccer!I'm on a club called KC Fusion division 2 team. I also used to play basketball and I'm going to play volleyball. I hate pink[ sorry to all those pink lovers out there] my favorite color is red and I also like neon things

What i do when I get home

I take the bus home, then I rest for about 20 minuets, then I put all my soccer stuff on get ready leave for soccer then come back home take a shower exedra exedra then I do it over and over agian

People who i hang out with a lot

My friends and family are the best

My Hobbys

I like to paint and draw and color when there is nothing to do. I like to use paint, oil pastels, markers, water colors there all fun to do , but I LOVE to draw the mountains! There really fun to draw or color. I also like to see my dad work on his 66 mustang I like to ride in it I like to listen to it [ very loud] I just love that mustang

Man playing with Lions ~ Can u believe ur eyes?