Foreign Language Classes!

Take a foreign language class and receive the benefits!

Prince Charles Secondary School - French or Spanish

You can take French from grade 8 to 12, or take Spanish from grade 9 to 11. Studying a foreign language has a lot of benefits - it helps you improve your English (yes, I said English), math (yes, math too!), and makes new connections in your brain which help you in other subjects too.

What to expect...

Learning a foreign language can be a lot of fun, but you should expect to do some work as well. It's not all fiestas and crepe buffets, after all. So, please expect to do a little work on your own, every day. In the class, there will be some grammar, vocabulary and quizzes. There will also be practice conversation, online activities and games,

Here are our teachers ...

Guaranteed to be rewarding and fun!