Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of Feb, 8-12

Strategy Spotlight

Repeated Readings... How are they going for you? Are you able to do the following with each main selection you teach?

  • Teacher reads the main selection (while using CLOZE reading strategies to keep students engaged and participating)
  • Echo read the main selection - teacher reads a phrase or sentence at a time, students echo read it (great way to model appropriate fluency)
  • Choral read the main selection - the teacher and students read it together, teacher reminds students to "stay with my voice"
  • Partner read the main selection - this is only beneficial if you have clear partner reading expectations set up in your classroom and the teacher is walking around listening to students and making sure expectations are being followed)

We know from our conversations throughout this school year that repeated readings are an important part of our daily reading instruction. According to both Jessica Q. and Susan O. whole group instruction that is focused on reading grade level text is one of the most meaningful ways we can build our students' fluency. And since our winter universal screening it is clear that students are responding well to the interventions we have in place that focus on phonics and decoding, but how do we help those students who really just need to become more fluent? We have them do repeated reading!

Benefits of Repeated Reading (from AEA 267 website)

  • Helps all levels of readers with fact recall
  • Serves as a study strategy
  • Aids in students' identification of what's important in their reading, such as main ideas and vocabulary
  • Increases comprehension and results in more advanced questioning and insights
  • Leads to faster reading and increased word recognition accuracy
  • Assists struggling readers as they transition from word-by-word reading to more meaningful phrasing

Last Week

- Lots of time spent on analyzing and interpreting data from our Winter Universal Screening

- Analyzed and updated data and google docs with universal screening scores

- Modeled some highlighting lessons

- Continued to teach a small group reading unit

- Drop in observations

The Week Ahead

- LCI Training all day on Tuesday

- Math data team training on Wednesday morning (half day only)

- Model some more highlighting lessons

- Drop in observations during literacy blocks and intervention times

- Taping some interventions

- Team planning meetings


Don't forget...

Please make sure every student is graphing and goal setting every time they are progress monitored. If you need copies of graphs - just let me know! Also, I had some teachers say they wanted students to work towards reaching the spring /end of year "cut score" as their goal rather than working toward the winter "cut score" - either one is fine. What's important is that each student is pushing themselves to do better than their previous week's score. It is imperative for students to know exactly what they are getting each week and to be able to track it. If you feel like you have some students that would benefit to some kind of tangible reward every time they meet their goal - let me know I have several ways I can help get some rewards set up!

Keep up the great work!

I hope everyone is able to see the tremendous growth in our students from our fall to our recent winter screening. Overall we may not have made huge growth in our percentage of students reaching proficiency at each grade level, but you should all be very proud at the HUGE gains we have made at the individual level. We have many students who gained more than an average of two words per week over the past 16 weeks- that is awesome! So don't be discouraged, stay the course, and we will continue to celebrate all of the little victories along the way!!

Valentine's Day Idea

A quick and sweet Valentine's day activity... Have students write on a white board why they love their mom, dad, brother, sister, etc. Snap their picture and then email it or print it off for the student to take home and deliver - just make sure we're not sending full page-sized pictures to be printed down to the color printer :) Better yet, print it in black and white and have students create a colorful frame to mount it on!