The Science Of Community Management

Ning Talk with Richard Millington

  • Learn the social science that powers every great community

  • Understand what motivates people

  • Get insight into proven principles to build or revive a community in a way that members become connected, involved and active

  • See a showcase of organizations which have built thriving communities based upon these key principles

Webinar: The Science of Community Management

WHEN: Friday, March 1st 10-11am PST

WHERE: Tune in from your couch, cubicle, or local coffee shop


This One's For You

Ning is home to tens of thousands of communities that serve many millions of people every day. Every one of Ning’s customers shares the same task: Cultivating an online community. Community cultivation is both an art and a science, to discuss the science, we got the guy with loads of experience: Richard Millington.

Richard has spent the last 10 years mastering a range of social sciences, refining key community management skills, learning how to use and apply data, and acquiring a collection of case studies. Richard has a great grasp of what does (and doesn't) work in communities. He has collaborated with over a hundred different organizations and amassed dozens of case studies to tackle every situation.

Whether you’re a brand-new Ning customer, an old hand who needs some fresh tips, or a community manager who’s never even heard of Ning before but wouldn’t mind hearing from one of the top experts in the field — this webinar is for you.

Follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #NingTalk. The recording will be available on our Ning Talks channel. Check it out to view past webinars, too.

Richard Millington

Richard Millington is the founder of FeverBee, an online community consultancy. He focuses on data that shows what actually works — not anecdotes and hunches.

Past clients have included the United Nations, The Global Fund, Novartis, Oracle, OECD,BAE Systems, AMD and several youth & entertainment brands. Richard is also the the author of the Online Community Manifesto. Check out his newest book, Buzzing Communities: How To Build Bigger, Better, And More Active Online Communities.

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