It's a 100% Match!!!

42% of MD Class of 2016 to start residency in Hawaiʻi!

#Match2016, Aloha Style

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Video 2: JUST the MOMENT of the Match, "LIVE":

The BIG Match Day Moment! #MATCH2016


Sixty-four (64) total students in the “JABSOM” (John A. Burns School of Medicine) MD Class of 2016 (We have 260 total MD students (in years one through four), and 235 post-MD trainees, but only 64 of the MD students are seniors).

All 64 seniors “Matched” in a national event, which pairs aspiring doctors with the post-MD training programs that most want them. (That is why it is called “Match Day”).

A computer controlled by the National Resident Matching Program determines the Match. The results are timed so that everyone in the country who matched learns where they matched at the same time. That meant a 6 a.m. start (!!) for Hawaiʻi students. The “toast” the class gathered for on the campus lawn after the Match was appropriate for the early-morning: bubbly grape juice instead of champagne.

42% (27) of the U-H Class of 2016 is staying in Hawaiʻi for residency.

53% (34) will be primary care doctors, on the front lines of medicine where the doctor shortage is greatest.

Our Neighbor Island doctors-to-be in the MD Class of 2016 are:

Kauaʻi: Randi Olds
Maui: Mark Mayeda, Rafael Oania, Melissa Corson
Hawaiʻi Island: Brian Imada, Tara Reed, Karra Marh, Scarlett Johnson, and Casey Yamashita

Primary Care Specialities and number of students:
– 7 in Family Medicine
– 16 in Internal Medicine
– 2 in Emergency Medicine
– 6 in Pediatrics
– 3 in OB-GYN

Members of the MD Class of 2016 receive their degrees at Commencement ceremonies at UH Mānoa in May.

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What else can we toast at 7:30 a.m. -- except bubbly grape juice?

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BULLETIN: Hawai'i News Now SUNRISE to be "live" at UH Cancer Center at Kaka'ako on Monday, March 21

The set up will be on the 2nd floor lanai area. Also, the 6th floor lanai/table area will be used (Dan Cooke will have his weather live shots from there).

The show goes live from 5 a.m.- 8 a.m., but crew will begin arriving at 1 a.m. Set your DVR's if you get into work that early!

The reason why the show is being held here is to showcase the awesome work and research done at the UH Cancer Center.

*There will be a news truck parked along the grass area at the bottom of the second floor lanai.

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