Biking Around the Country

How To Get Exercise and Save Energy At the Same Time

Why Bike?

Biking is often seen as work and just a way burn some calories. While biking is a good source of exercise there are many other benefits to biking, such as an alternative means of transportation. Bicycles produce no pollution in usage and require zero gasoline to run. Additionally, bikes are easier to manufacture saving energy there as well. Biking may not be as fast as a car but bike trails often have much more prettier views than areas with roads.

Biking is Affordable

Biking doesn't just lower damage to the environment, it also lowers the damage to your wallet. The average cost of a purchase of a new car is around $30,000. The average bike costs around $500. A car requires more expensive maintenance while a bike requires cheaper maintenance. In addition driving requires the cost of gasoline or electricity while a bike requires no fuel. Overall, riding a bike instead of driving a car can save you a lot of money.

Places You Can Bike, But Not Drive

The whole world cannot be seen through the window of a car!

How Can You Start Biking?

The first step to biking is getting a bike! A great site for finding bikes is This site has a multitude of bikes of all price ranges and all different terrains. The site also has gear for biking. If you need to find a place to bike the site: can find trails around your location. You can even specify what kind of trail you are looking for. With so many tools available there is no excuse to at least try out biking once!