Lowell Middle School

Red Hot News September 2020

From the Desk of the Principal

Dear Lowell Middle School Families,

I just wanted to tell you how amazing this year has been going so far. The students have done an awesome job displaying resilience. They wear their masks and are really working on their social distancing. I am so proud of them! We appreciate the screening you do at home each day before school. We have many more car riders than usual so we are asking parents to pull up as close as possible to the vehicle in front of them so we can keep cars off of Cline Avenue. We are also asking students to watch for their cars so they are ready to go as soon as the cars pull up to the curb. We have gotten much quicker since the start of the year so thank you for your assistance.

This year, we have more students who are absent than in typical years, so we are asking all students to get in the habit of checking their school email. Teachers will be putting all assignments in Echo so students who are absent will be able to continue their learning at home. Teachers are available any time if you ever have questions.

Finally, please make sure your child has a book to read each day. This year, students will be in their first period classes until the morning bell rings at 8:15. During that time, students will be reading. We are not allowing any technology at all, so it is very important that students have a book. Please have conversations about the books your children are reading. Many students have mentioned that they love this time of the day. It is an opportunity to introduce your child to new genres or authors you loved as an adolescent.


Mrs. Crussen

Google Meet Norms

Parents and Students,

In the event that students are participating in instruction virtually at any time this year, please read the following expectations. This will provide a smooth learning experience for all participants.

  1. Try to be in a quiet place free from distraction (siblings, pets, parents, phones, etc.)
  2. Maintain RESPECT both in speaking and appearance. Classroom rules apply.
  3. Make sure your mic is MUTED when you join. Unmuting your mic is basically like raising your hand in the classroom. This shows me when someone is ready to speak. Smaller groups can unmute as directed.
  4. Please avoid chewing gum, eating, or drinking in front of the camera during collaborative discussion.

Breakfast and Lunch, YUM!

Parents, you will find our breakfast and lunch menus at the link below. I encourage the students to try our our new food options. We are so excited to have Chartwells this year as our food service provider. The students seem to appreciate the variety and absolutely love lunch time.



You can download the application from your app store. It is called Nutrislice. Once it is downloaded just type Lowell Middle School, Indiana in the search bar to view our daily menus.

Please encourage students to look at the choices at home so they are aware of their options.

Please follow Lowell Middle School on Facebook at:


19250 Cline Avenue

Lowell, Indiana



Our website is https://lms.tricreek.k12.in.us/

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