Technically Speaking

March 10, 2015

Puppet Pals

Want to make some fun movies? This is the app for you! Students can create puppet shows using the Puppet Pals app. The best part is that you can use any picture you want for a puppet or a background. Students can use FotoFarm to find pictures, or they can take a picture of themselves and become the puppet. How fun is that?! The students love it and this app can be used for any content. Come see me and we can brainstorm how to use this tool in your classroom.


This is a fun language arts app students can use to practice various skills. Select a level and a topic and you are ready to roll! Students get a list of words and must correctly group them in threes. Topics include rhyming words, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, word roots, homophones, and adjectives. Lots to choose from...great for a reading group!