Poets,Lyricists & creative writers

By: Angelica Decastro

My things I do and can do

What we do is

  • Write good poems
  • Write lyrics for singers
  • Write books for people
What we do on jobs are

  • Revise written martial to meet personal standards and to satisfy needs or clients.
  • Choose subject matter and suitable form to express personal feelings and experience our ideas
What I love to do and try to do is I write lyrics for me to try to sing I even love writing books aka fun books and I love love love love writing poems for other people to read

The skills I need to do to get this job is to

  • Get a degree
  • Pass college
  • Save money
  • Practice
  • Don't date so they don't get in my way :)
  • get wonderful grades

My education plan

  • High school is South Lenoir
  • College is ECU aka east Carolina university
My average salary is $57,750

These videos below are writte