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12th Grade Trimester 3 Elective Registration

Dear 12th Grade Students and Families

Many of you have been patiently waiting for instructions on how to select your electives for trimester 3. Over the last year, North Branch Area Public Schools and districts across the nation have adapted to our every changing environment during the pandemic. We thank you for your resiliency, flexibility, understanding, and empathy.

Trimester 3 Elective Registration is now open. Please follow the instructions on our website linked below.

Trimester 3 Registration Website

Click the link above to access the registration website to select your trimester 3 electives

New Trimester 3 - Senior Elective Privilege Opportunity

As you approach this registration process think about the next steps in your journey into career and or post-secondary schooling. As our Distance Learning Academy continues to adapt and evolve, we have a new opportunity for our seniors in good academic standing. Attached below is a form outlining this opportunity. Please download and read. If you are interested and qualify, complete and return to my office. If you would like to discuss this or variations in between, please make an appointment with David Treichel by calling Dana Johnson at 651-674-1051. I have blocked out time next week to meet with you and discuss your questions and or concerns.

Questions and or Concerns

There a couple of ways to get support through this process.

  1. Contact your counselor - Stacy Redding or Roberta Backus
  2. Call 651-674-1051 and make an appointment with David Treichel

In Person Opportunity

Please let us know ASAP if you are wanting to transfer back to in-person school at NBAHS. Call Shelly Vixayvong at 651-350-8711 to make the request.

Thank you,

David S Treichel


Distance Learning Academy