How to Assemble Groups & Route Mail

with Gaggle

Login at - Link is on the SISD Homepage

Go to the "mail" tab.
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To Create Groups:

Control or right click on "My Groups."

Click on "Add New Address Group."

Title the group - Ex. ELA1, Math 1st, Reading 2nd

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Adding Members to a Group:

Click on "Directory" (located above My Groups.)

Drag contacts onto the specific group that you created. (FYI, you can select more than 1 student by holding down the command key. You can also go to View (All Users), classes, select your class, highlight users then drag and drop onto the group that you created.)

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Creating a Project Folder:

Once class groups are established, you must then create a project folder.

Control or right click on the "My Folders" icon.

Click on select "new folder."

Name the folder. Ex. Smilebox1st, Glogster2nd, etc.

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Routing Rules for Emails

Select routing rules located along the top of you email list. (Click on your inbox icon to see this selection.)

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Click "add."
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Creating Filter Rules:

Name the rule - could match the name of the folder

Subject - Can filter by the subject line of the incoming email (All 1st period projects will fill their subject line with Smile 1)

Action - Check "move to folder" then select the proper folder (these are from the folders that you created)


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When students fill in their subject line on the email they send you, their subject line must match the subject line rule that you created.