Election Edition

Fall 2018 Election

We are excited to introduce the following candidates for leadership positions in IAHPERD. Please take a minute to learn about these individuals who are interested in continuing the work our organization has been focused on.

President Elect Nominee Josh Hildebrand

Greetings fellow IAHPERD members! My name is Josh Hildebrand and I am excited to be running for the President-elect position. I have taught physical education in Iowa City since 2005 and am currently finishing my first year on the IAHPERD Leadership Council. Being involved in this leadership position has been a great experience and I hope that in the President-elect position I can continue to spread the great things going on by our members in Iowa, and our colleagues around the world, through face to face interactions and social media. We have a great group of individuals leading the way and I'm excited to be along for the ride!

Leadership Council Nominee Chris Roberts

My journey to where I am now starts back when I was in elementary school. I was that student who was pulled out of class for speech, special reading classes, and spelling. I was the kid who knew the principal by first name and had a set spot inside of his office. I bring this up because the one spot in the school where I felt comfortable and successful was in the gym during PE class. As time moved on and I grew older, I found that I had a skill at understanding and doing most things that had to do with sports and physical activity. I like to say that I am good at a lot but great at nothing.

I attended Ankeny High School in the 90's where I took part in four sports and lived in the gym whenever I could. Once my time was done in Ankeny, I made the choice to attend ISU and get a degree in business because that is where the money is. Within one semester I was reminded that high level math and most things dealing with written language are not my strong points. At that time, I decided to pursue what I love instead of what would pay well. I enrolled in the EXSP program at Iowa State and received my BS in 2001 after student teaching in Ames and Ankeny. If you are not sure what EXSP stands for, it stands for Exercise and Sports Science.

My first and only teaching job has been in Waukee. When I started in 2004, Waukee was made up of three elementary buildings and we had four PE teachers. At this time, Waukee has 8 elementary buildings with the 9th opening in 2019 and the 10th to open in 2021. The PE staff has grown from 4 teachers to 12 teachers. I have the privilege of being called the "Old One", as I have been around the longest.

Leadership Council Nominee Jaryd Prince

I’ve been teaching for 4 years. I have been with my Jefferson K-5 students for all 4 of those years. I have been advocating for quality physical education throughout my career by providing students a curriculum with an emphasis on grade level outcomes with high MVPA and self directed learning. I have been constantly trying to provide extra funding for equipment. This school year (17-18) I was able to provide $5,000 of funding for recess equipment, technology, and pedometers. I am an IAHPERD member, a member of the publication committee, and a presenter at the state level conference.

Leadership Council Nominee Tanner Roos

Elementary Physical Educaton teacher. Presenter. Editor of Capn’ Pete’s Power PE website and resources. Co-host of YouTube talk show called Let’s Talk #PhysEd with Jason and Tanner. Blog contributor. Twitter chat guest moderator. Teaches with backwards design, focusing on SHAPE America GLOs.

Leadership Council Nominee Caitlin Schoville

I graduated from UNI in 2012 with my degree in Physical and Health Education. I furthered my education through Lamar University and graduated in 2017 obtaining my Master’s degree in Teacher Leadership. I have been teaching and coaching at Pleasant Valley for five years. I have been an active IAHPERD member for seven years, where I have served on the leadership council for two years. I have been on the IHT Committee, Membership Committee, and the 2016 Student Workshop Volunteer/Committee. I have attended seven IAHPERD, one Central District, and two National conventions, and presented at two IAHPERD conventions. I look forward to continuing the improvement and progress of our profession across the state of Iowa.

Leadership Council Nominee Clint Driftmier

I am going into my 11th year of teaching Physical Education. I taught 3 years at Knoxville High School before moving to Norwalk, where I am going into my 8th year at Lakewood Elementary, a 3-5 building.