Soccer Equations and Inequality

Ariana Hernandez

One-Step Equation 1

1. The Bluebonnets had to make 7 goals that game to go to finals. They made 3 goals. How many more goals do they need make in order to go to finals?

One-Step Equation 2

F.C. Barcelona made 9 goals in one game. Messi, Neymar, and Suarez made those goals. How many goals did each person do?

One-Step Inequality 1

F.C. Dallas could only have at least 45 minutes of practice per day. If they practice 25 minutes, how many more minutes until the full 45 minutes?

One-Step Inequality 2

1 soccer player gets paid at least $144. If there are 12 players on the team, how much money will be given?