Tropical Andes

By Christopher and Russell

Q:What the environment is?

A:The Tropical Andes is a very beautiful and important place to humans , plants and animal. It have the richest and most diverse forest on earth.

Q:Where it is?

A:tropical Andes is found along the Andes mountains,occupying the regions of Venezuela,Peru,Ecuador,Bolivia,Chilli and Argentina.

Q:what is the unique features about the geographical environment?

A. The unique features about Tropical Andes are the great highs and lows of the Andes mountain range, with its snowpeaks, steep slopes, deep canyons, and isolated valleys, have led to the evolution of an amazing area full of microhabitats and species. Also it contains the deepest gorge in the world. The Andes also hold the highest large navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca.

Q:What environment issues that the environment facing?

A:The Tropical Andes spans the western edge of South America from Venezuela to Argentina. A hotspot for mining, timber extraction and oil exploration this area has been heavily exploited for human industry. The result of deforestation and the expansion of urban cities, it is estimated that only 25 percent of the areas original vegetation remains alive and healthy.

Q:Reasons why it should be protected

The Tropical Andes are very important to many living things. More then 40 million people depend on the Tropical Andes for many things. Both plants,animals, and humans depend on the tropical Andes for fresh water without fresh water or clean water life would seize to exist in the area.

Another reason the tropical Andes are important is because living things depend on it for food. The food the animals in the Andes eat are from the tropical Andes. Humans also need the Tropical Andes for wood because they export wood and make a lot of things out of the wood they cut. The tropical Andes are important to humans because many people depend on it for income because a lot of people are tour guides, lumber jacks, hunters, and many more jobs depend on the Tropical Andes.


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