Pinewood Elementary School

Professional Development Opportunties

Update your "Guide to Observations and Evaluations" Binder!

When: Thursday, October 1st

Where: Library

If you would like to update your "Guide to Observations and Evaluations" binder we received a few years back to reflect the current information for observations and evaluations, join me on Thursday, October 1st in the Library! We will work together to locate the updated information on the intranet for easy access and hard copies will be provided to update your binder as we go along. Observation and evaluation information is continuing to evolve as the Office of Staff Relations continues to study the effectiveness of the new system.

Refresh Your usage of BCPS One

When: Set up a time with Sam to personalize this PD!

Do you need a refresher using BCPS One? Are you still unsure about accessing all parts of the curriculum? Schedule a time to meet with your STAT teacher to review the various roles BCPS One can play in your lesson planning and instruction.

Close Reading in the Elementary School Book Study for CPD Credit

When: Fall 2015

Where: Classroom, TBD

Let Sam know if you are interested in this book study for CPD Credit! It aligns directly with the expectations for our staff that are outlined in the SPP. We will spend time reading, discussion, applying our learning, and reflecting on close reading strategies. Teachers will spend 15 hours (throughout the entire course) learning and applying these strategies. When the group has been made, dates and times will be determined to meet the group's needs. There will be 3 face to face sessions and online discussions. You will have to purchase (or borrow) the text, and then register. More information will be shared with those interested.

**If you took this course last year, you cannot receive credit again, however, you are welcome to go through the PD process with us and share what you have learned!

Digital Learning University (DLU)

When/Where: Consult the ODL Wiki or the Online Registration System

The wiki will walk you through registration and outline all of the course offerings! To earn 1 CPD credit, you must register for 5 sessions, and complete a reflection for each. You may earn up to 3 CPD Credits!

Learner Centered Environment Spotlights

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In fourth grade, Crystal has created a space for her students to read and work called the "Book Nook." She has transformed her storage closet to provide a comfortable, quiet location for her students to work independently, in partners, and even groups.

News from C & I

The Office of Curriculum & Instruction highlighted the work that was done on the ELA and Math curriculums this summer.

The math office shared, "All K-5 curriculum resources can be accessed through BCPS One. As revisions are made to the elementary mathematics curricula, resources to support various instructional models (constuctivist, direct instruction, project-based, inquiry-based) and grouping models (whole group, small group, same ability, mixed ability) will be incorporated.

Technology-based enchancements have been incorporated into the K-2 curricula. These enhancements include math toolkits, small group activities, and extension activities. Please visit this link for more information.

Grades 3-5 and Advanced 5 curricula have been modified for the 2015-2016 school year and have been entered into BCPS One. Ongoing curriculum development is occurring and units will be released throughout the school year. Person's enVision Math 2.0 textbook series was purchased and is incorporated into the curriculum. Please visit this link for more information."

The ELA highlights include:

· Curriculum updates in BCPS One to include a focus on learner-centered instruction with shortened Shared Learning lessons.

· A revised Unit at a Glance to support responsive planning.

· Inclusion of digital options for personalization and customization.

· Student-Centered unit overviews.

· Assessment revisions reflect fewer formal assessments. The Culminating Event also reflects a performance based task with student voice.

BCPS One Gradebook


In the settings section of your class, remember to select "Show Out Of" so parents, and you, can see how many points an assignment is worth. When you see a 5 as a score, it means more if you know it's a 5/5 versus a 5/10.

Grading Policy

As per last year's discussion and expectation, classroom teachers should have grades set up as Classwork (60%), Assessments (25%), and Homework (15%). We need to keep this uniform as a school and county throughout the year. You need to set up these expectations only once for each class you have listed and you're set for the year!

Creating Groups

If you have some students working on an assignment, when you enter it into the gradebook, remember to select only the students who are doing that assignment. This makes it easier when you print out a grade report, you can see exactly which assignments are missing or need improvement. Only the actual assignments assigned to that students will show up. When we get devices and you begin to use Lesson Tiles to personalize and customize instruction, it will be an easier transition if you are already using this practice! Then, students will only see their own assignments, not all of the assignments for the entire class.

Other Reminders

* ODL Resource Wiki - Do you have this saved as a favorite? It is an EXCELLENT resource wiki to use when integrating technology into your lessons. The wiki has step by step directions for using new tech tools that you can watch prior to implementing them. Need help - just ask!! That's what I'm here for! :)

* Read the BCPS One emails sent out. They include important updates to the LMS that will clarify many questions.

* Penguin Bucks - Encourage students to put penguin bucks in the buckets for Lunch with Fran!! It's nearing the end of the month. Having the buckets out all month long allows students to place their bucks in there when they would like instead of on the last day. Finally, consider how many penguin bucks you pass out throughout a week as a grade level to determine an appropriate price for the "Help a Teacher" and "Say the Pledge" rewards. If your students are earning 10 penguins a day, is it effective to have a reward worth 10 penguins? Consider raising the price! The Behavior Overview states, "Penguin bucks are our positive reward system where all teachers and staff, including the cafeteria, will be passing out the same “penguin buck” throughout the building. As a grade level, decide what your rewards will be. You are welcome to have on your list the opportunity to say the pledge on the morning announcements and help a teacher for 15 minutes. Lunch with Fran will still occur monthly; jars will be out every day for students to place a ticket in if they are interested in this reward. Students no longer have to wait until the end of the month to enter the drawing."