YW Girl's Camp 2015

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What an amazing week that we've had this week. We've had many challenges that we've faced but took all of them head on. This is definitely an undertaking that couldn't be done without the help of the Young Men, Priesthood, YW families, YW leaders, & our FABULOUS Young Women! Thank you for all that each of you did to make it happen! Our total as of today was $2146. We have a few more items to collect on so our final total will be around $2200. Our goal was $2000 which we exceeded. Any funds that are not used for camp will go toward our YW Personal Progress Dinner in December. I am so proud of everyone!

Don't forget to pay your $75 for YW Girl's camp by next Sunday, March 29th. We need to have all of our funds in by April 1st so we need to collect funds before then. We LOVE all of you and are so very grateful to be able to be a part of such a great adventure!

Much love...

YW Leaders