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Who Killed Mrs. Thorwald?


In Greenwich Village Apartments people tend to be more busy at what they're doing and do not have time to look out and acknowledge their fellow neighbors. Although their is one neighbor by the name of L.B Jefferies, a photographer who broke his right leg over an accident that took place. Being a photographer Mr. Jefferies adores observing the details of the little things, such as looking out the window to look out to their neighbors everyday life. Between midnight and three in the morning he awakened to a women shouting 'Don't' and a glass breaking afterwards.He also finds it suspicious with one of his neighbors Thorwald when he packs up multiple of suit cases and his wife's jewelry kept on her purse. Thorwald seen multiple of times going out of his apartment to unknown places without his wife being at home.we also see him cleaning a saw and washing how he cleans the bathtub.