Beijing Project

By - Faith Fugate

Beijing Project

The city is Beijing.

The country is China.

The lotion is Asia.


Beijing has the same seasons as North American because it lies on the same latitude.

best time to go

I think you should go in October 1st through 7th. During those days they have China National Day it is a holiday. I pick the date out for you because I thought you would want to celebrate China National Day.

the precipitation

The precipitation is 72.2 for the whole year.

beijing climate

Beijing has Humid Continental. A humid continental is a climate region typified by large seasonal temperature differences like warm, hot summers, and cold winters.

What to wear and what to bring?

You would want to wear a coat and warm clothes. When you go up there you want to bring lotion and lip balm. When your in Beijing drink a lot of water.

one interesting facts

  • Beijing is the capital and second largest city in China with almost 21 million people, only Shanghai is larger. Occasionally called Peking, Beijing is located in the northeastern part of China.

another interesting facts

  • The cuisine in Beijing is known as Jing Cuisine, popular dishes include Peking Duck, Hot and Sour Soup, Beggar’s Chicken, Moo Shu Pork, and Zhajiangmian noodles.

last interesting factes

  • From being located on the eastern edge of the Mongolian Steppe, Beijing occasionally receives sandstorms or dust storms
Street Food in Beijing, China 2014