Wild Fire

Human Dependence

What are 2 main issues with Wild Fires?

1. They destroy lands.

2. They destroy homes.

3. They destroy wild life.

The negative effects on the enviorment

They burn timber which could be used for paper, so we would not get paper. They destroy homes and structures.

Main regions near North America affected by wildfires

The Western United States get affected the most during wildfires.

Wildlife affected by Wildfires

Cows, Deer, Koalas, Birds, Bears, are all affected by wildfires.

How are they affected?

They die of the heat and smoke.

Could wildfires affect League City?

Most likely no. Wildfires are usually occurring in areas with a lot of trees and forest. League city does not have much of that.

Are people affected by wildfires.

Yes many people are affected. Many peoples houses are burned down and many people die of the smoke.

Causes of Wildfires.

Wildfires are caused by many things. 90% of them are causes by humans. Unattended campfires, cigarettes, matches all cause wildfires. 10% is caused by lighting and lava.

Solutions to wildfires, My solution to wildfires.

There aren't really any solutions to wildfires. People should stop smoking and leaving campfires unattended. My solutions is enforce a law of smoking in a forest area.