By:Collin MacDonald

What are they?

Concussions are a traumatic brain injury that alters the way your brain functions. Concussions can alter the way you act and the amount of sleep you get. Concussions are very serious and nothing to be messed around with.

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What causes it?

A really hard blow to the head can cause it. This can be heading the ball in soccer or hitting someone in football. Anything can cause it if it hits hard enough. The hard blow to the head results in the brain bouncing back and forth and twisting within the skull.

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Who is at risk?

Everyone is at risk some are just more prone than others. If you play sports you are more prone than others. Concussions can happen in your sleep so they can happen to anyone. Its like breaking your arm it could happen to anyone at any time but if your jumping off a cliff your more prone to breaking it.

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What are the symptoms?

If you get a concussion you want to treat as soon as possible. In order to tell whether you have a concussion or not you have to look at your symptoms. If you have a really bad headache after a big blow to the head,Nausea or vomiting and sensitive to sound and light.

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How can I prevent a concussion?

You can't really prevent a concussions because they mostly catch you by surprise but you can be extra careful. To be extra careful you can practice good techniques in sports. Also you can make sure you use the best equipment (helmets). The more you play the more your equipment wares down. Its good to get new equipment once every year.

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How do you cure concussions?

There isn't a medical treatment. You can have a lot of self treatments to help it out.


-Stay away from light

-Stay off technology

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