Ethical Research

Josie Wicks

What is a citation or bibliography?

It is a list of the sources you used for and essay or research paper. These sources contain information you looked up and used in your own writing.

What needs to be included in a bibliography?

- What is it

- Who wrote it

- When was it written

- Who published it

How do you cite a website?

Author, Title of Page, Publisher, Year, Medium, Access Date
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How do I site a Book?

Main Author

Book Tile/Authors

Place of Publication: Publisher, Copyright Date

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What resources can I use to site a website or book?

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of presenting the words, ideas, images, sounds, or the creative expressions of others as your own. This can lead to and "F" on the assignment, suspension or expulsion from school, and dismissal from school or sports activities.

What can I do instead of plagiarize

- use authors exact words in quotations

- Don't make any changes

- Give the authors name(s)

- Paraphrase

How do I paraphrase?

- Stop after each paragraph and ask your self, "What did I just read"

- Take notes = write a list of the main ideas/facts

- Write only things that relate to your topic

- Don't use full sentences

How do I know if a website is credible?

- If the website says

  • .org
  • .net
  • .gov
  • .edu

How do I use search terms?

- Always be specific

- Use "Advanced Search"

Quoting, Paraphrasing, Summarizing

Quoting = When you take the exact words an author said and put quotations around to prove that you did not say this

Paraphrasing = When you take what an author said and put it in your own words and you do not plagiarize

Summarizing = When you take what author said and you put it in your own words and you also shorten it