Safe Haven

Nicholas Sparks


Kevin and Katie live in a rural town and Kevin is a local police officer. Katie is a stay at home wife who cooks, cleans, and pleasures him whenever he desires. Katie is forbidden to leave the house without Kevin giving her permission, so she stays secluded in her home all day everyday.

Alex is a widowed man who owns a store at the coast with his two kids. He lost his wife a couple years ago and in return has taken over the management and home of his parents market.

Jo is the neighbor of Katie's at the coast who she becomes very close with and spend as much time with her as she can when she is at home and not working.

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Jo, Katie's neighbor
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This is Kristen and Josh who are Alex's children he had with his wife Carley before she died.

Opening plot

Starting in a small neighborhood called Southport with only as many neighbors as you could count on one hand. Kevin and his wife Katie live in a so called "cottages". Kevin is a police officer in the community while Katie is a stay at home wife who cooks, cleans, and of course pleasures him whenever he desires. Mistakes and bad decisions leads to an incredible hunt of what used to be his. With a misunderstanding of what he did wrong, that could be what kills him in the long run.
An escape of a loved one from a disasterous life they were living to have freedom and to not beaten and hurt every day of ones life.


"Kevin paused at the back door to wipe his feet on the mat before heading inside. In the kitchen, he walked around a group of chattering wives and toward the sink. He washed his hands twice, using soap both times. Through the window, he saw Bill set the platter of hot dogs and burgers on the picnic table, near the buns, condimens and bowls of chips."

This passage describes how dissapearing doesn't always settle well when it's unexpected, and in this case, leads to consequences when there was too much evidence left behind. The few clues and small amount of money made it almost as easy as finding a red shoe in the all blue section.

Interested reader's in a book like this

Any person who likes adventures and compelling love stories that will carry you the whole book with a cliff hanger would love this book! This book shows different perspectives of the characters making it easy to follow and an easy grabber to any kind of reader into romance.

My Opinions

This book falls under every category of a book that I would love. I enjoy adventures, new beginnings and of course romance. Safe Haven is the whole package, encouraging me to read the rest of the Nicholas Sparks books because of the way he puts a cliff hanger after every chapter making it so there is no way you can put the book down.


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