Stoneleigh Home-School Connection


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Dear Stoneleigh Elementary Families,

Welcome to 2021. Students and staff returned rested and excited to be together once again. I have a few pieces of information as we head into the second semester of this school year.

School buildings remain closed at this time. Staff are not in the building. If you need to speak with an administrator or front office staff member please call 443-809-3600 and leave a voicemail. You can also email:

As always allow staff 48 hours to respond to emails and/or phone calls, we do our best to respond within 24 hours.

Revision to the clarification message regarding January 20th and 27th. Wednesday, January 20th has been changed from a Thursday (D-day) schedule to a Wednesday (C-Day) schedule for teachers to attend important professional development that afternoon. In addition, Wednesday, January 27th is a Wednesday (C-Day). Kindergarten through grade 3 will not be meeting with their morning small groups instruction so that teachers can meet grading and reporting requirements.

Wishing you well.

Ms. Hollenbeck

Stoneleigh Elementary Joins Weis 4 Schools With Code 86619

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Stoneleigh Elementary Equity Work With Students

Recently, our nation witnessed riots at the U.S. Capitol. Using the words of BCPS Superintendent Dr. Williams and Board Chair Ms. Scott "a core mission of our schools is preparing students for success as thoughtful citizens of our democracy. Many of our students have now watched a group of Americans violently attempt to stop Congress from certifying the election of our next President, despite the will of the nation’s voters."

Students at the elementary level have exposure to world events different then those at middle and high school levels. At Stoneleigh our educators made space for students to talk about and process with respect to how our families have shared with us over the years. Conversations occurred if related to grade level curriculum. Students who wished to talk about and process the riots and/or related issues were provided with time to do so during morning meetings and social studies classes with support and resources as needed or appropriate.

As parents, many of us wonder whether to talk to young children about race and racism. Some parents do it from day one, some wait, and many struggle with how to tackle such a complex topic with babies and little children just beginning to understand the world. The attachment below titled 26 Children's Books to Support Conversations has some resources on how to approach these conversations.

For 5th Grade Families

BCPS is deploying an online registration system on January 19, 2021. Fifth grade students will be able to go into the FOCUS portal to view their core classes for the 2021-2022 school year; these classes have already been identified through the automatic course request (ACR) process and placement recommendations have been made by elementary schools. Registration documents to help begin the registration conversation at home which includes identifying the world language and music course selections for the upcoming school year have been emailed. This will help Dumbarton to determine staffing needs for next year. Directions to access the portal have been emailed.

Ms. Robinson, ( the school counselor for incoming 6th graders, will facilitate virtual registration meetings with our feeder elementary schools throughout the month of February. For questions regarding student course placement, please Stoneleigh Elementary.

The Dumbarton Middle School building is closed at this time. However, Ms. Harris, Dumbarton's principal, will respond to your email ( as soon as possible.

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4th FAQ Session - February

If you would like please submit up to 2 questions for Ms. Hollenbeck and/or the PTA to address as part of our FAQ session to be offered as part of the PTA Meeting at 7pm on Thursday, February 11th be on the look out for the link in the January 30th communication.

The meeting will be streamed. Specific information as to how to access the meeting will be shared prior to the meeting.

The PTA will use the submitted questions to identify 20 questions for reply.

The survey will close on Saturday, February 6th at 12:00pm for meeting preparation.