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Jasper Weekly 11.16.15 to 11.29.15

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What are you Thankful for?

When I think of this question, I become flooded with thoughts and emotions. Here at Jasper, I am so incredibly thankful for the experience the students have, which truly impacts the rest of their lives. The people who make this experience so meaningful include our community and YOU! Here lately, I've had the opportunity to interact with many other districts and schools, which only strengthens my thankfulness to Jasper High School. My heart of thanksgiving overfloweth.

I want to leave you all with a Thanksgiving cooking tip from Nicole Hollander: Wrap turkey leftovers in aluminum foil, forget about them, and throw them out in two weeks.


Upcoming Birthdays

Lily Peng-Friday, November 20th

Austin Webster-Saturday, November 21st

Michelle Wright-Sunday, November 22nd

Jeri Dockery-Monday, November 23rd

Jackie Digby-Tuesday, November 24th

Carol Cumonow-Wednesday, November 25th

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Upcoming Weeks at Jasper

11/23-11/27-Thanksgiving Break

12/2-Spirit Sales in the Foyer

12/14-Tacky Holiday Sweater Day

12/15-12/18-Semester Exams

12/16-Staff Luncheon

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General Announcements and Reminders

1. (NEW) One-Time Lump Sum Payment

2. (NEW) Staff Tutoring Reminder

3. Safe Schools Training

1. (NEW) One-Time Lump Sum Payment

The PISD Board desires to recognize employee service through a one-time, lump sum payment of $500.00. The lump sum payment will be paid, via a regular payroll check, in December 2015.

This will be paid to each eligible district employee who: (1) Was employed by Plano ISD as of the last contract/work day of 2014-2015 as a regular employee (not substitute or temporary), (2) Earned a TRS creditable year of service for 2014-2015, (3) Is assigned to a budgeted, allocated position as of the first contract/work day for 2015-2016, and (4) Is still employed in a budgeted allocated position as of November 30, 2015.

This one-time, lump sum payment is subject to all legal deductions, is not considered TRS eligible, and is approved only for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. This payment is taxable and may be taxed at a higher rate. The payment will be prorated based upon the full-time equivalent (FTE) percentage of employment status with the district as of November 30, 2015.

An eligible employee, as defined by the Compensation Plan, for general pay increase and one-time lump sum payments, must be employed on the last day of their contract year and has earned a year of creditable service. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) refers to a minimum of 90 FTE days for the contract/work year (percent of day employed multiplied by number of days employed) as a creditable year of experience (i.e. days employed x FTE = Equivalent Days Worked).

Note: The lump sum was approved by the Board as part of the compensation package for employees. As such, the one-time, lump sum payment is not a gift of public funds, nor should it be interpreted as such. Employees eligible for this one-time payment will not be performing extra work in exchange for the extra payment. Further, this payment was approved prior to the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.

2. (NEW) Staff Tutoring Reminder

Teachers as Tutors

The following is a reminder of information outlined in DBD Regulation:

· A teacher may not privately tutor his/her own students for pay, and he/she may not use the school facilities for that purpose.

· District resources and materials may not be utilized for private tutoring.

· A tutor is not allowed to request assignments or any other information from the student’s teacher without written parent consent. The policy recommends that the information be shared directly with the parents, who can communicate that information to the tutor.

More information can be found at: http://pol.tasb.org/Policy/Download/312?filename=DBD(REGULATION).pdf

3. Safe Schools Training

Before December 18:

  1. Sexual Misconduct: Staff to Student
  2. General Ethics in the Workplace - Texas Version
  3. Family Reunification

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Honor the Past, Be Present, & Forge Ahead of the Curve