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FINAL Issue of 2017-18: Issue #5: June 8, 2018

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(Left to Right)

Grade 6: Katie Graff

Grade 6: Gabriella McKeon

Grade 6: Janine DiGerolamo (seated)

Grade 6: Ryan Horn

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By Katie Graff

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By Rayan Khan

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By: Katie Graff

  • Did you know that 11% of people are left handed

  • Did you know that August has the highest percentage of births

  • Did you know that the average person falls asleep in 7 minutes

  • Did you know that the hawaiian alphabet has 13 letters

  • Did you know that a lobster’s blood is colorless, but when it is exposed to oxygen it turns blue

  • Did you know the most commonly used letter in the alphabet is E

  • Did you know that lemons contain more sugar than strawberries

  • Did you know that there is a type of spider called the hobo spider

  • A lion’s roar can be heard from 5 miles away

By Lizzy Giordano

1. Freckles are triggered by exposure to light. The Sun’s ultraviolet radiation causes melanocytes (a mature melanin-forming cell on the skin) to make more melanin, which can cause freckles to form or become darker.

2. August has the highest percentage of births (about 9%)

3. The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes

4. The Hawaiian alphabet has only 13 letters

5. 8% of people have an extra rib

6. Topolino is the Italian name for Mickey Mouse

7. The top 3 most common languages are Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and English (also why our Middle School offers Chinese and Spanish as well as French)

8. Goldfish can see ultraviolet light

9. Elvis’s middle name was Aron

10. Cats spend 66% of their lives asleep

11. When lightning strikes, it can be as hot as 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit

12. We see the same side of the Moon despite the different ways it looks

13. Stewardess is the longest word typed with the left hand

14. M&M’s chocolate stands for the inventors’ names, Mars and Murri

15. The only continent without active volcanoes is Australia

16. The croissant was invented in Austria

17. The fortune cookie was invented in San Francisco

18. The first Burger King was opened in Florida, Miami in 1954

19. The Grand Canyon can hold about 900 trillion footballs

20. If you add up every number sequentially from 1 to 100, it totals at 5050

By: Matthew Lutzker

  1. 11% of people are left handed.

  2. August is the month with the highest percentage of births.

  3. The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes.

  4. The Hawaiian alphabet only has 13 letters.

  5. A bear has 42 teeth.

  6. The most common letter used in the alphabet is E.

  7. Birds need gravity to swallow.

  8. Dreamt is the only word that ends in mt.

  9. Cats spend 66% of their life asleep.

  10. Australia is the only continent that is also a country.

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By Liam Stark

My Role Model

This document is kind of different because I decided that this might be an option for next year or something. This document is about one role model of mine. This person is a rapper, one of them who inspired me to rap, Gerald Earl Gillum, AKA G-Eazy. He is my favorite rapper, and he is a role model of mine for quite a few reasons. A lot of rappers in 2017 and 2018, even in 2016, possibly before that all seem to down the same route, and a lot of them don’t even seem to rap! I think G-Eazy has his own special flow, and here some songs that might give you a good taste of what G-Eazy’s flow is: Me, Myself & I, Random, One of Them, Drifting, Everything Will be OK, I Mean it. Another reason I am inspired by G-Eazy is because he can put together an amazing story, and here are some songs of his that entail great storytelling: Me, Myself & I, Everything Will be OK, Sad Boy, S----. Especially in “Me, Myself & I” I believe he did a phenomenal job because he can put together a verse that explains a lot but in only thirty seconds. I also really enjoy how he engineers his music, I would call him an artist that engineers dark, emotional music with a bit of a higher pitched tone, and here are some songs that support that: Random, Me, Myself & I, Everything Will be OK, I Mean it, Nothing to me, These Things Happen, Intro, Him & I, Let’s Get Lost. The last reason I am inspired by G-Eazy, and this probably sums it all up, but even now it still seems like Gerald is doing it for the music, not for the money, and like Macklemore said, “Music is a mirror” (Macklemore - Excavate) and NF said, “Music is an outlet for me” (NF - Therapy Session), and one quote G-Eazy himself said was, “They all take the money for granted but don’t wanna work for it, tell me now isn’t it funny, nah” (Bebe Rexha and G-Eazy - Me, Myself & I). If this document inspired you to listen to G-Eazy, that’s excellent! If it inspired you to listen to more music in general, that’s even better! But remember, music is a mirror, and if you break that mirror by taking the money for granted, you’re only going to break yourself.

By Leo Grisham


One day I was in class and I was doing a test and I needed to go to the bathroom. My teacher Ms. Rite said I could. I walked into the hallway and there was some guy standing at the end of the hallway in ripped up clothes. “Hello..?” I mumbled. the lights flickered and then he was gone. I ran to the bathroom feeling scared. When I got into the bathroom, I could see the night black shoes of someone in one of the stalls. I suspected it was someone I knew, but it wasn’t. It was the guy from the hallway! He had red eyes and a black mask. I ran out of the bathroom and he started to chase me. He disappeared right when he caught up to me. I sighed in relief and walked into the classroom. Everybody was gone! I checked the clock and it was 1:06 AM! I stepped out of the classroom and headed downstairs to exit the building, but the exit was blocked by bricks. All of them had bricks in front of them! I looked at the reflection on the glass doors. Behind me there was a shadowy figure. I looked back and there was no one there. I looked at the door and he was holding up a knife. I looked behind me and he was gone again. I went into the main office to call home. When they picked up I heard some heavy breathing and then they hung up. I saw the guy walk near the office, so I quickly locked the door. I looked on the security cameras and I saw the guy trying to open to doors to the main office. The camera buffered and he was gone. I thought he was gone for good. I looked behind me and THERE HE WAS! “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed. He cut me really bad on my arm with his knife. And then…………………………. I woke up. I was in my twin bed and the birds tweeted happily. I was glad I wasn’t hurt. Right then my right arm started to hurt really bad. I looked at it and there was the cut from my dream! I shrieked in horror and ran downstairs, but… I didn’t. The stairs weren't there. I slammed into a wall and I fell to the ground. I decided to go back to my room but I slammed into another wall. I felt boxed in. The floor opened up and below me were chainsaws, and I was about to fall into them…

To Be Continued…

Book Review waiting Scarlett Lynch

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By: Matthew Lutzker


Loud, Big

Driving, Steering, Gassing

Transportations, Wheels, Tires, Shoes, Gas

Moving, Exhausting, Tiring

Slow, Pace


By Janine DiGerolamo


Believe in yourself

And all that you do.

Here are things you’ll create

That can only come from you.

The way you see the world

May be a source of your inspiration

But the way you interact with it,

Makes you part of the creation!

Inspired By:

Submitted by: Janine DiGerolamo

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