Elementary Ed Tech Update

November 2019

Why did Johnny get such bad grades at Thanksgiving?

Because everything is marked down after the holidays!

Welcome to November! The first 9 weeks flew by like a kid on a Halloween sugar rush! We have several wonderful things to share this month. As always, we hope you'll take the time to read about what's going on regarding Ed Tech in Pearland ISD! Please let your ETS know if we can assist you with your Technology Integration!

Save the Date!

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We Want YOU!!!

Teachers, we want YOU to present on January 7th Technology Training Day!

Sometimes the greatest PD is from the teacher down the hall," and we would LOVE for you to showcase the great things you are doing in your classrooms. You can submit to present solo, in pairs, or even as a team! If needed, your ETS can assist you with a topic idea, preparation, etc; just let us know!

Conference Theme: "Through the Looking Glass"

Presentation times/sessions: 4 sessions; each 50 minutes in length, plus 25 minutes to hold Q&A or play.

Use this link to sign up now, and share your knowledge and experience!


EdTech Spotlight

Melynda Wood, Grant Recipient

This month, we are shining the spotlight on Melynda Wood, a 4th-grade teacher at Silvercrest Elementary who was awarded an Education Foundation grant to purchase Bloxels. This is a great tool to teach students the basics of computer coding by creating their own video games using physical manipulatives. It's very engaging and has a high-interest level for students, which can lead to them creating more and more intricate games as their knowledge grows. Ms. Wood is planning to give a Bloxels presentation to other teachers during the January tech training PD days, so be on the lookout for her sessions!

Here's what Ms. Wood has to say on the topic: "Last year I decided to write a grant for Bloxels, a gaming system that lets students create their own video games. It is an entry-level coding system for students to start experiencing game design. Students use mats, small bricks, and an iPad to create their own lands, characters, and challenges. Once students have created the structure of their game, they can input their own questions. Instead of having students complete a worksheet about dictionary skills, I can have them create their own video games and assess each other! There are endless possibilities for all subjects with this system! I am also able to create my own video games for them to play in class."

Ms Wood goes on to say, "Bloxels introduces a new level of student performance assessment! Another aspect that drew me to this product was the family outreach possibility. Parents are able to play their student’s video games on their phones. They can share this with other family members or friends. Students are excited to share their creations with their loved ones. A big shout out to the Pearland ISD Education Foundation for making this dream possible! If you have ever thought about writing a grant, I recommend that you take a chance and go for it. The foundation is ready and willing to bring innovative change to your classroom. I can’t wait to share Bloxels with Pearland ISD at the January inservice and give teachers the opportunity to make their own video game!"

Windows 10 Tips

Night Light

Just like you have a Night Light mode for your phone, you can set one for your computer! Just go into the settings (gear), click on System, then click on Display. Night light mode reduces the blue light that your screen emits, helping you get better sleep. It's also easier on your eyes!
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Thankful Turkey Project

The PicCollage app is a great tool to use to create projects on a digital canvas. Here is a fun "Thankful Turkey" Project to use with your students!! You can even do some App Smashing with Chatterpix (to add audio with a mouth that moves) and Seesaw (to share your pictures and/or videos).

Turkey in Disguise

When students bring their Turkey in Disguise projects, have them take a picture of their turkey using the Chatterpix app and add audio with a talking mouth!! Share with parents using Seesaw or on your teacher webpage!!


I'm NOT a turkey! I'm Santa Claus!!!

Cyber Savvy Tips

Topic of the Month: Communication & Relationships

This month, our cyber-savvy focus is on online communication and relationships. Online, both at work and home, we're connected to hundreds (maybe thousands) of people at a moment's notice. As teachers, it's essential that we recognize and draw personal boundaries with the people that we connect with. Think about your (real-life) relationship with each of the people you friend and how they may view or react to messages you may post. If you're posting publicly, make sure you know that any message posted may be seen by any person, at any time. If you do choose to "Friend" the parents of your students, do so with caution and be clear about the expectations of this online friendship.

This same caution and thought-process is the message of our digital citizenship messages over the school announcements this month. Encourage students to T.H.I.N.K. about messages before they post them online - are they True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, and/or Kind? If not, they may not be appropriate. Additionally, we all need to note that anything we do or say online can, and sometimes does, stay around forever. Hurtful words and misguided comments can have far-reaching consequences, just as positive and inspiring messages can benefit everyone.

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