Reed Hastings

By: Iain Levering

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Early Life

Reed Hastings was born in Boston, Massachusetts on October 8, 1960, son of Joan Amory and Wilmot Reed Hastings. He joined the U.S Marine Corps and the U.S Peace Corps. He stayed in Swaziland as a math teacher from 1983-1985. After finishing up the Peace Corps he went on to attend Harvard University and got a master's degree in computer science.

Pure Software

In 1991, Hastings started a debugging company called Pure software. In August 1996, Pure merged with Atari. Eventually, Hastings left the company in 1997 to go on and start Netflix.


In 1997, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, Hastings business partner, started Netflix. Hastings got the idea for Netflix when Blockbuster charged him a $40 late fee for the movie Apollo 13. Netflix originally shipped dvds via mail, but later streamed movies and tv shows. Netflix has, according to Netflix's website, 75 million subscribers and has surpassed cable network for viewers in the U.S. Netflix eventually split Netflix into a streaming company and a dvd company called Qwickster. Netflix retracted Qwickster after less than a month from its creation.
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Hastings launched an $100 million philanthropic fund called the Hastings Fund. The fund has donated $1.5 million dollars to United Negro College Fund and the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley.
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