Hormones and Antibiotics in Food

Should You Be Worried?

The Facts:

§ Hormones and Antibiotics are added to our food to ensure safety and supply of our food

§ There are currently 5 naturally produced hormones used in meat all approved by the FDA and monitored by the USDA

§ “Organic” meats NOT treated with antibiotics are more likely to harbor pathogens that cause diseases such as E. coli

§ After foods treated with antibiotics are cooked, the antibiotics are cooked out

What Are The Pros Saying?

§ According to the FDA "The use of drugs in animals is fundamental to animal health and well-being" and "For food animals, the gains that have been made in food production capacity would not have been possible without the availability of reliable to contain the threat of disease."
§ The FDA has also approved the 5 hormones (progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, zeranol, and trenbolone acetate) used in food production the USDA also monitors these hormones
§ According to Marcia Herman-Giddens, a professor at the University of North Carolina School of Public Health who conducted a study of early puberty, hormones in food are not the main cause of early puberty but obesity in children is (fat cells cause the body to produce estrogen)

The Numbers

The price of organic meat is about 134% more than the price of non organic meat and in the USA, 47 million or ⅙ of the country is on food stamps and 8,705,000 are unemployed so most people cannot afford organic food which is more expensive. They average American family eats about 225 pounds of meat each year and the average pound of non organic meat cost $3.58 where as the average pound of organic meat cost $8.39. That would add up to spending about $805.50 on non organic meat for the year or $1,887.75 for organic meat out of an average yearly income of $69,821.