Island of Frumuseţe pură

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Located in general area of black circle


Is nestled in the Norwegian sea, north of eastern Europe and close to the Nordic countries.

It is an island about the size of Iceland and is surrounded by scattered islands.

It has a variety of towns and cities including larger one like its capital Imagin .It has a population of 1,800 (around that) currently

The resources include, agriculture, oil, hydroelectric power, and wood and food they produce (to keep that steady they have a system of planting trees to replace the one before.)

They have a array of land form of few mountains and bodies of water.

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This is a regular small town, with a community where everyone works to do their part.

Social structure

Their structure lets the people speak for themselves they all have a freedom to make their own decision and they help their community survive . Like a democracy their people can make their own decision, and work to do their part and pick a couple of leader they think is right for them.

The government or leaders keep everything in check. They have make sure everyone is safe and Are not doing anything illegal that will harm the society.

Depending on the type of job they decided how much they get payed. different job get a different pay of money.people can have their own business's and they can be self employed but they have to have the right documents to crate one. All business's are monitored to make sure they are age for the people, nature, and environment.

Enviroment Interaction

With their environment they produce many thing and use their environment by ...

  • Selling the fish they have being surrounded by water .
  • They have lots of oil but don't use it them self, but sell it for money.
  • People have adapted to the coldish weather by using thicker clothing using their wool from domesticated sheep. They can sell that .
  • ^also from a source of cotton from cotton fields they have. so they are also able to sell that.
  • They use Hydroelectric power, more then oil being surrounded by water.
  • They always had a system to keep it running and restore everything.

Education and age

They have a really solid education system in the case on how much work is put into it. They start school at age 4, and start with the b 'need to know stuff that will get them at point were they are ready to start to learn more about the world . Then they go to a middle school to learn more things they will use it the future. Then a high school type of system where they start getting into what they want to do as their career. Then they go rob college or university their choice and they choose their career and learn and get experience so they can fufill their job. Like the American school system.


They use bikes that they can buy at a low price to prevent pollution. Also they could walk to keep healthy or they make their own way of transportation that will be check for safety.

Car are only provided if it a long trips or delivery also carriage powered by pedal for luggage .


They are free to any religion or ethnicity they choose, though they can't cause any violence or they have to pay a fee .People are never judged by their race, ethnicity, sexuality or how they look.

In & Out &

Anyone is free to come, but they have to have a good back round and no criminal record, like they have to have a good back round with the government. If someone starts causing trouble they will be asked and they will leave. People come by boats (cause they already have lots) and can bring whatever unless it's dangerous.

Their currency is dollars

Culture and Input

Despite a strong interior it is popular for it's aesthetics. It has lots of beautiful architecture and a hot spot for photographer on it's nature aspect. They have many schools for the artist and musicians, literature. Many of people have come there to create and see what kinds of designs, products, art, and music etc. they have there.