Ardena Vanguard Update

January 2016

Happy New Year everyone! As we return from break and begin 2016, we wanted to provide you with some more helpful tech tips that you can incorporate into your classrooms. If we can help you with any of the resources below or any other tech questions you might have, please feel free to ask! We are happy to help!

- Tina (room 25), Allison (room 16) and Lynn (room 32)

Common Core Sheets

Using, teachers have the ability to create worksheets to support common core standards. Most support is found in the area of mathematics however there are multiple subjects on this site.

If you choose "Sort by Grade" in the Math section, all grade levels will show. Choose your grade and the standard you are trying to support. You can select multiple versions of a worksheet or "One atta Time" which was created for Smartboard or projector use. There is even a "Create New Sheet" option, which will keep making new random versions. Below is an example of 3rd grade, standard 3oa4.

Big image

Newslea is a great AND FREE site for nonfiction articles. When you register you can also invite students to join your class by sharing a link with them or a class code.

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Once they join your class, you can assign them articles. They have the ability to write about the article or take a quiz. The quiz is very similar to PARCC type questions. Browsing through the types of articles, I saw a section in the "Text Sets" drop down that linked nonfiction text to fiction that shared a theme. Once an article is chosen you can then choose the lexile you would like the students to read the article in or even Spanish (thought this was a great feature). The article below shared the theme with Because of Winn-Dixie.