Type 1 Diabetes

What you need to know about this disease

What is type 1 Diabetes ?

Type 1 diabetes is a disease that has no insulin available to bind to the cell Most people that have type 1 diabetes are children. The body doesn't produce insulin, that is needed to break down the starches and sugars called glucose. Insulin is a hormone that in your body that get glucose in the cell from the bloodstream.
What is Type 1 Diabetes?

Basic recommendations for type 1 diabetics

Exercise and nutrition is important to type 1 diabetics. During the week being active can benefit you with more stable blood glucose levels. this will keep you motivated. When working out make sure that you keep your blood sugar level in mind and keep in thought the intensity of that workout that you plan to do. Benefits from exercising mean stronger bones, more energy,and better control of weight. For your nutrition understand what different foods are good for you to eat and it is recommended to have a weekly food plan to keep your routine in shape. It is best to understand the amount of carbohydrates in your food and eat healthy food.

Monitoring your blood sugar

Your primary care physician or doctor should have you monitor your blood glucose levels if you are taking insulin. Having your doctor take your blood sugar level can help you not get low blood glucose levels. You can check your blood glucose levels with a monitor that you test with a test strip. If your blood glucose levels are too low or too high then talk to your doctor about more options on how to help solve this.


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