Acupuncture in Kansas City

Do you live in the Kansas City area and suffer from a chronic medical problem from which you can’t get relief? If you have tried other methods to treat your medical condition and nothing has worked, you should give acupuncture a try—it just may provide the relief you desire.

Trained in China and practicing acupuncture for over two decades, I have helped numerous patients overcome persistent medical problems that other approaches failed to alleviate. Through the Chinese discipline of acupuncture, which is used by hundreds of millions of people across the world, I welcome the opportunity to help you obtain the much-needed relief you desperately seek.

Acupuncture can treat a wide range of ailments, such as acne, allergies, arthritis, asthma, back pain, cataracts, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, joint pain, low energy, migraine headaches, muscle pain, Parkinson’s disease, stress, and much more. For a full list of conditions I can treat through acupuncture and Chinese medicine, please review the Ailments Helped page of this website.

Please feel free to also review information about my Acupuncture Services and Chinese Herbology. Also be sure to read some of my Testimonials, to see how I have helped my customers overcome chronic ailments that traditional Western medicine could not cure.

With two locations—in Prairie Village, KS, near Kansas City, and in Humboldt, KS—I serve many patients in Johnson County, including Overland Park, and from elsewhere in the Sunflower State, including at my clinic in Humboldt, Kansas. I even have patients come from other U.S. states in desperate search of relief.

So, if you live in the Kansas City area or Southeast Kansas and have a condition you want treated naturally and safely, call me at (913) 669-9677 to schedule a session at one of my clinics.

Thank you for your interest in my acupuncture services. I look forward to helping you finally feel better, become healthier, and live a more satisfying life.

Sincerest wishes for exceptional wellbeing,

Paul Peter Finney

Kansas City Acupuncturist

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