Redwood Science!

Vacation to the redwoods!


The Redwood forests represent Earth and life science because they are trees, rocks, beaches, canyons, and many other sights to see. You may also see animals like banana slugs, bear (Ah!), deer, and fish. I would defiantly recommend this vacation to everyone.

My most interesting parts of my Redwood vist

I had many interesting experiences at Redwood Forests. One of them occurred on one of the many, many trails in the National Park. My family and I were meandering along a trail when I stopped and bent down to look at a strange looking stick. I was about to kick it when I looked closer, it was a slug! As we continued down the path, we found 3 more slugs! After that walk, we went down to the beach, and I stepped in a huge puddle! I sunk down and barely managed to pull out my (Stinky, muddy, and soaked) foot.

Three cool things about me.

I love designing, making, and playing videogames. My current and only sport is Tae-kwon-do, in which I am a red belt. I also enjoy building with legos and some times making stop-motion videos.

Have a good Day!