Fiber Project

Caleigh Bostian


Cotton comes from a plant that is native to subtropical regions including, America, Africa, and India. An advantage of cotton is that it is strong, inexpensive and versatile. A disadvatage of cotton is that it shrinks when you wash it the first time and it wrinkles easy


Flax/linen comes from a pant in central Asia. An advantage of flax/linen is that it adds charm together with trendiness of any clothing . A disadvantage of flax/linen is it wrinkles very easily


Wool is a textile fiber from sheep after they are sheered. An advantage of wool is it is a tough, strong and warm fabric .A disadvantage of wool is it has limited wearability.


Silk is produced in China from the silkworm. An advantage of silk is that is a very lucious and smooth fabric to use for clothing. A disadvantage of silk is fair abrasion and resilincey .


Acetate is a manufactured fiber. An advantage of acetate is that it is a excellent drape and very silky. A disadvantage of acetate is it has poor resiliency and poor strength.


Rayon is made from various plants . An advantage of rayon is that it is more absorbent than cotton and it is very comfortable . A disadvantage of rayon is that it is expensive and it is stronger dry than wet.


Lyocell is a fabric which is a form of rayon. An advantage of lyocell is it is very absorbent and biodgradeable. A disadvantage of lyocell is it is supseptable to milldew.