Musical Revolution!

Bartolomeo Cristofori's piano!

Dynamic sound and range.

Criastofali's new Take on the harpsichord is quite the improvement, featuring a cypress sound board and Dual string technology, This piano is the most dynamic and beautiful sounding keyboard instrument to date!

Better act fast!

Cristofori's design is the best sounding and most dynamic to date, it's sure to supersede your common harpsichord. so if you're seeking nothing but quality sound at a fair price, you can't go wrong with Cristofori's design!
Cristofori is an instrument maker from the republic of venice. He has made instruments from the spinet to the keyboard. When thinking about his piano design he really focused on creating a more compact, yet wider sounding instrument that could be used to produce a wide variety of sounds. This has allowed composers and performers to convey a much broader range of musical feeling when creating their music. So don't just sit there, Get your very own piano today!