Lexwills Northern PA Archaeology

located deep in the Allegheny Forest


The purpose of our company is to conduct in depth professional research on artifacts from the pre-historic age. With the help of our highy trained archaeologist team, our primary research is done in Pennsylvania but sometimes extended to places across the country. In the end, we want to present the best facts and statistics possible. It is great to work in our company because we provide a sturdy workplace, flexible yet strenuous hours, and employees with intelligence and perseverance!

Looking for an Archaeologist to join our team!


We are looking for an Archaeologist to join our professional team. You must have a backround in Probability and Statistics! The job of a team member is to collect artifacts, architecture, biofacts, and cultural landscapes in order to do a data analysis. The research a team member does is disciplinary and must be accurate. The usual procedure for a project starts with the survery of a sight and its surrounding area. Once this is done an excavation must be performed in order to uncover underground objects. Lastly, and most importantly, the data collected must be evaluated. The team members are constantly working to create hypothesises, tests, facts, and statistics on what they have collected. They strive to be accurate so the research does not become neglected. In short, this job involves a mix of complex research and analysis. If you think you may be interested contact our company using the information provided at the bottom.