Mari's Jinnsei

My family, my friends, my hobbies

My Family!

My family is consisted of 5 people. My mum, my dad, my sister (13), and my brother (9). We also have a pet cat called Jazz. I love everyone in my family, and we're all really close. Both of my parents work, so it's hard to spend time with the hole family, but we try to do stuff together at least once a month. Either that's paddle boarding, skying, camping, or just something simple like having dinner together.

My Friends before ISAK

I went to a Japanese public school for 9 years, so I had a lot of friends that I knew since I was 6 years old. We were pretty close, and I still keep in touch with a lot of them.



What I like

  • Playing the Piano
  • Singing
  • Listening to music
  • Doing physical activities
  • Spending time with friends

What I dislike

  • Cooked fish
  • Hiking
  • Being bored
  • not having internet access