The Nice List

Do something good this Holiday season

Give Back and Get Things Done!

Everyone has those last-minute holiday tasks that they're dreading to do. Maybe it's wrapping or baking or picking out a present for your Great-Aunt-Eileen, but if you've got some cans in your cupboard then we have a solution for you! In the spirit of spreading Christmas cheer to those in need, we're accepting donations of non-perishable food items to be taken to a local shelter or food pantry for families in need this Holiday season. In return, we'll take care of those pesky errands for you! No task too big or too small. Merry Christmas, everyone!

What we can do for you:

All donations welcome!!

Just drop off your donations and your errand requests right here and we're happy to be of service. Even if you don't need anything done and are just feeling generous, drop us a donation and we'll be sure it finds its way to someone in need!