Workplace Relationships

Communication Skills

-Write your message carefully and take time to thing it through

-Don't write or send messages when you are angry

-Be kind to others and don't use foul language at work

-Leave professional voice-mail messages that include name, number, and subject

Accountability and Workplace Relationships

-Don't wait for someone to tell you what to do

-Display consistent, professional behavior

-Don't speak poorly of your boss

-Create positive relationships with co-workers

Teamwork, Motivation, and Leadership

-Don't ignore team meetings and deadlines

-Express yourself during team meetings

-Don't ignore initial signs of a burnout

-Make every effort to increase your leadership skills

Conflict and Negotiation

-Don't allow small conflicts to grow over time

-Utilize appropriate conflict management style

-Know your rights regarding sexual harassment and discrimination issues

-Don't retaliate when a workplace bully behaves inappropriately