Let's use some of our experiences from Jekyll in math!


1. Create a melody to the following song about our science unit.

Erosion takes it

Weathering breaks it

When the process stops,

Deposition drops

All these things,

Happen to a rock :)

2. Define all of the bolded vocabulary words in your notebook

Science Problem....

Ms. Greathouse just bought an island that she will stay at for her summers. She has noticed that there are several different land forms already on the island such as mountains, hills, rivers, etc. She want's to protect her beach on the island. What are some things she can do to protect her beach?

1. Draw a picture of what you think her island might look like. (It is pretty small). Label the different landforms.

2. Give Ms. Greathouse some suggestions on how she can protect her beach from weathering and erosion. (*Hint: Use your science text book and workbook-lesson 3)

Blue Math- Coordinate Plane


Using the data below and your knowledge of what we did at Jekyll, create the following ratios.

1. Make a list of the different types of reptiles and amphibians we learned about. Create a part to whole ratio and a part to part ratio.

2. In each group, there were kids and adults. Create a ratio comparing the number of kids to the number of adults in your group.

3. SHARK! We learned about several different types of sharks. One type of shark that we learned about were hammer head sharks. Thousands of these sharks migrate through the Jekyll waters each year. Research when these sharks make their migration. Create a ratio of the amount of months that the sharks are by Jekyll compared to the amount of months that they are not by Jekyll.

Turn it in!

You should have written all of your answers down on a piece of paper. When your group is done, turn them into the basket. Make sure EVERYONES name is on your paper!