The Grimm Legacy

By: Polly Shulman; Report by: Kelsey Sharp

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Elizabeth Rew

Elizabeth, the protagonist, is a kind, caring girl with an adventurous personality. She gets a job at the New York Circulating Material Repository, which, to her surprise, houses magical items from many, many fairy tales collected by the Grimm Brothers. When magical items start disappearing from the Grimm Collection, Elizabeth decides to go on a quest to find the items with her friends Anjali Rao, Mark Merritt, and Aaron Rosendorn.

Anjali Rao

Anjali is Elizabeth's best friend at the New York Circulating Material Repository, where they work. Anjali has black hair and an annoying, but useful, little sister named Jaya. As a supporting character, Anjali joins Elizabeth on her quest to save the magical items from evil grasps.

Aaron Rosendorn

Aaron is one of Elizabeth's friends at the beginning of the book, but just barley. As a supporting character, he is one of the first people to join Elizabeth on her quest. Although he has done many stubborn things, including almost feeding Elizabeth and Mark to a giant rat after they had shrunk themselves with a shrink ray, he and Elizabeth turn out to be really good friends by the end of the book.

Mr. Stone

Mr. Stone, the antagonist, is the one behind all this trouble. He steals the magical items from the GC (Grimm Collection) and replaces them with fakes that eventually lose their magical powers. He frightens Elizabeth and her friends with his giant bird that he has taken over. He has many tricks up his sleeve and they must be very careful around him.


Things Aren't Always The Way They Seem

I think the theme is that things aren't always what they seem. I came to this conclusion because in the book Elizabeth sees thing, but when she uses them, they sometimes turn out to have a much different use for the item.


The story takes place in New York City around present time. Much of the story take place in the New York Circulating Material Repository, although the climax does not happen there.

Conflict And Plot

The main conflict in this novel is when the items from the GC get stolen. Elizabeth and her friends set out to find the thief of the precious items.
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Book Recommendation

I enjoyed this book because it has a lot of adventure in it. It is one of my favorite genres, Fantasy, and it also has a little bit of Science Fiction in it to. Whenever I read this book, it makes me wonder; is magic real? One very important thing that really makes this story is the Grimm Fairytales. (And, yes, if you were wondering, the Grimm Brothers were real. They did collect fairytales and became famous because of it.) The characters in the story fit just right in the plot and Aaron is probably my favorite character in the book. Even though he is somewhat selfish and untrustworthy, he is very important to the story. Anyhow, I would rate this book 3.5 magic items out of 5 magic items. So what I'm saying is that you should definitely check it out if your interested in it. Hope you like it!!!!

Just In Case You Are Confused,This Will Sum It Up (Below)

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