Susan B. Anthony

organize,agitate, educate, must be our war cry

Susan's Early Years

Susan B. Anthony was born Feb. 15

as a child she moved with her family to Battenville, N.Y.

in 1873 her dad pulled her out of school. A little while later

she and her family moved to Rochester, on the Eire canal and had a farm.

Susan B. Progressive

she is progressive because she fought against injustice and campaigned for women's rights. she wanted women to have the same rights as men. she believed that women are equal to all men and deserved to be able to vote and own property.

Suan In Action

Susan B. Amazing

Susan's accomplishments

she fought for women's rights. Helped bring alone the idea of women's suffrage. Fought for anti-slavery and probation of alcohol. help make the women's state temperance society of New York, and made many speeches.

Susan B. Great

I wanted to research Susan Brownell Anthony, because she was a big contributor to women's suffrage movement. she was arrested once (which I think is pretty cool).

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