Marijuana Legalization

Karina Torres


Many people believe marijuana shouldn't be legalized. There are many reasons why marijuana should be legalized. It will decrease the number of criminals, the government will make more money from taxes and the government can regulate the distribution with marijuana like they do with alcohol and cigarettes.
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Less Criminals

Legalizing marijuana can possibly decrease the number of criminals because of so many people trading and buying marijuana illegally now it wouldn't be a problem. Also, police wouldn't have to worry so much about people with marijuana if its legalized. The jails are over crowding of so many people being there because of having marijuana. For example, in 2010 there were 103,698 arrests for marijuana possession in New York and in Illinois there was 49,904 arrests for marijuana possession. This was stated in, "Reason Magazine".

Government wins from taxes

Another reason why marijuana should be legalized is because of people buying marijuana the government will get more money from the taxes. If marijuana were to be legalized and taxed then the money of the taxes will help with our economy. Like in 1937, congress made the Marijuana Tax Act that placed a tax on the sale of cannabis, which is marijuana. According to an article with answers and questions about marijuana it says " In 1937, Congress passes the Marijuana Tax Act that mandated excise taxes and enforced penalties on the commercial handling of marijuana."(SIRS issues researcher)

Government takes control

Last but not least, marijuana should be legalized because the government could regulate the distribution of it. For example, the government has rules for selling alcohol and cigarettes and he can do the same for marijuana. The government will choose who to sell it to and how to allow it. This would be easier because it can be like buying cigarettes and alcohol and be no problem. This way instead of people selling marijuana on streets, it can be available at a store where it is okay to buy. According to Berghmans, drug dealers are selling them on the streets now. This was stated in, "AP news report".
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Wrap up

In conclusion, yes marijuana should be legalized. The cons of having marijuana legalized is having many parents scared of having there kids in danger but that is why the government should be in control of it. Overall, there are many reasons why marijuana should be legalized. Less criminals and not having jail cells over crowding, more money from taxes so it can help us with economy, and have the government take distribution of it.


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